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You can take a tour in famous art museums all over the world…

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You can view USA’s beautiful national parks (with google earth)
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Mama’s Boy

We went to a great restaurant today in Athens, GA.  It was called Mama’s Boy.  We learned about it during a Georgia/South Carolina football game, televised in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.  We heard about a great place for brunch.  We arrived about 12:40 and there was a long line.  We sat down and 25 minutes later had our table.  We finally decided on the special, a fried trout sandwich with french fries and Mama’s Boy Fried Chicken plate.  Tip: whenever you see a menu item that has the name of the restaurant in the name, it’s probably a good thing.  We weren’t disappointed.  The biscuits were bigger than cathead sized–went perfect with the red raspberry jam on the table.  Afterward, we of course drove by the campus and relived times in college or being there for football games.  Even on a rainy day, we had a great time at Mama’s Boy.  The buildup from the Taste of Town during the football game was worth it!